What’s my home worth? It’s a common question in San Francisco, and the national real estate portals offer guesses on what an SF home is worth that are often times incredibly wrong. Why? Well, we haven’t seen anyone else’s algorithm, but our experience tells us that our small size and diversity of property types mean valuations are often best left to local experts.


San Francisco is home to a diverse mix of homes and property types that were often built over many decades in a relatively small geographic area. This combination of homes constructed over time, diverse property types, and small geographic area are a challenge for one-size-fits-all national portals. Our homes aren’t cookie-cutter suburban properties, so many real estate portals have a hard time offering a realistic assessment of a San Francisco home’s worth.

We’ve invested in access to some of the most accurate automated valuation models available. Our automated valuations rely not just on tax data, but on underwriting data provided to banks and lenders as well as additional 3rd party data sources. In short, we think our instant, no-cost, no-obligation valuations are great at helping you answer the question, “What’s My Home Worth?”