What You Need to Know About the Pier 70 Rehabilitation Project

Pier 70 is a collection of buildings along the waterfront in the Dogpatch/Central Waterfront neighborhood. But Pier 70 isn’t just any collection of dilapidated buildings – Pier 70 represents “the most intact 19th century industrial complex west of the Mississippi River, containing a rich collection of resources, and provides a physical record expressing continuity with past trends in industrial architecture and design.”

But hopefully these buildings won’t be neglected for much longer, because at the December 4, 2012 Board of Supervisors meeting, the board approved a term sheet between Orton and the city for the rehabilitation of the “historic core” of Pier 70, with the project now being sent over to the planning department for environmental review and public comment. The goal is for final project approval in 2013 with occupancy of the historic core by new tenants happening by the end of 2014.

Pier 70 Redevelopment
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Overview of Pier 70. Source: San Francisco Port Authority

Here’s some more background about the “historic core” portion of the Pier 70 site, with the information taken from the December 4, 2012 BOS packet:

  • The State Office of Historic Preservation has determined that Pier 70’s approximately 40 historic structures and features are eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places
  • The 20th Street Historic Buildings represent some of the most important buildings at Pier 70
  • The Pier 70 site is eligible for listing in the National Register as a Historic District for its national significance in the area of maritime industry for the period 1884 to 1945, beginning with the initial construction of the Union Iron Works Machine Shop and closing at the end of World War II
  • The Pier 70 site is significant for its association with pioneering technological developments in shipbuilding, labor relations, and government and private industry relationships, as well as for the production of significant wartime vessels
  • The Pier 70 site is also significant for architectural design and engineering because it includes 2 important works of master architects Frederick H. Meyer and Charles Peter Weeks

I’ll continue to write about this important redevelopment project in the coming weeks and months. I’d also suggest you take a look at pier70sf.org or the Port Authority’s Pier 70 project page.