Thinking about selling your condo in San Francisco? When you partner with us, we’ll put all the tools in our toolbox to work, resulting in the highest possible sales price for your condo. Together, we will work with you to make sure that your condo shows as well as possible, is priced correctly, and our advertising reaches the largest audience possible. We’ve broken the process down into six discrete steps

  • The Marketing Process
  • Staging Your condo
  • Why You Should Maximize Disclosure
  • Promoting Your condo to the Brokerage Community
  • Promoting Your condo to the Public
  • Pricing Strategy

Selling your San Francisco condo starts with tidying up the well-lived corners so the condo shows as well as possible, setting an appropriate price paired with the best marketing strategy and complying with a variety of disclosure and inspection requirements that vary based on the age of the condo and other factors. Some sellers want to manage some of this process alone while others look to our team to handle every aspect of their sale. We are here for you and your individual needs.

Marketing & Staging Your Condo

We almost always recommend that prior to listing your condo it gets a fresh coat of paint and a thorough cleaning.  Staging offers you the opportunity to showcase the best features of your condo while minimizing items that may distract buyers. Our team will work with you to identify opportunities— both large and small — and prioritize the improvements that provide the greatest return on your investment.

Whether it is recommending tradespeople for repairs, coordinating necessary inspections, or partnering with the best staging and design teams, our job is to manage all of the details that go into bringing your condo to market.

Disclosure Tactics & Advantages

Ensuring accurate disclosures is essential for real estate transactions. These range from identifying regulated construction or design materials to environmental hazards and city conservation ordinances. We will work with you to prepare a full disclosure package prior to marketing your condo. Accurate and timely disclosures enable potential buyers to quickly assess your condo and make informed decisions. Comprehensive disclosures minimize negotiations and minimize your future legal liability.

Promoting Your Condo

Exposing your condo to interested, qualified and motivated buyers and potential buyers is the best way to ensure you the highest price for your condo. We market to two distinct groups — real estate agents and the general public using media appropriate for your goals.

Real Estate Professionals Why market to other real estate agents? In addition to working with sellers, most agents work with buyers who have been pre-approved for a mortgage and are actively seeking to purchase a condo. By marketing to these agents, we ensure that your condo is exposed to the people who are most likely to write a purchase offer. Our marketing tools include the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Zephyr office tour, Tuesday broker’s tour, email and web marketing.

The General Public Neighbors, friends, and word-of-mouth advertising also bring potential buyers to your SF condo. By using tools such as the MLS, online advertising, weekend open houses, special showings, postcard mailings, email, and online marketing we make sure your SF condo receives maximum exposure.

The Internet It goes without saying that since you are reading this on our website, you understand the importance of online marketing. We work hard to feature your SF condo in a multitude of real estate channels, including posting videos on youtube, developing search engine advertising campaigns, highlighting your condo in social media channels, and taking advantage of our extensive technology backgrounds to make sure that your condo stands out online.

Once we’ve found the right buyer for your condo, we negotiate the best sales price and most favorable terms for you. We actively manage the sale during the escrow period, attending inspections, keeping track of important deadlines, and making sure your deal stays on track! If there should be a set-back for any reason, you’ll have the full support of a professional and well-experienced team on your side every step of the way.