SF New Construction Homes

There are a variety of San Francisco developments in planning, under construction, or actively being marketed for sale. Here's a brief guide to some of your opportunities both now and coming soon across the city of San Francisco. Get in touch for the most current details about any building.

Condo buildings are sorted into three chronological groups - buildings with resale opportunities (ie, original sales by the developer are complete), buildings that have original homes for sale, and buildings that are somewhere in the planning or construction pipeline. We also denote buildings we once tracked that went rental.

In addition to our expertise in new construction we have a deep background in resales of SF properties and can help you compare new construction buildings to resale condos in buildings that are relatively new.

Explore all of your options - get in touch today, and let's see if our skills and background can help you in your home search.

Map of New Construction in SF

    Buildings where resale SF Condo opportunities arise are marked with a light blue circle.

    If a new development SF condo building currently has original homes for sale from the developer that we are aware of, it is marked with a blue diamond.

    Finally, SF condo buildings that we believe to be in some stage of the planning or construction pipeline are noted with a green circle.

    Buildings that are yellow squares on the map are buildings we once tracked that we believe went rental, which we do not track.

    We do our best to keep this list and map up-to-date, but sometimes San Francisco real estate moves fast. If you are aware of a mistake, omission, or something else that needs an update/correction then please send us an email or give us a call.

    Our team is dedicated to helping buyers understand their options and make the best decision when considering new or newer construction condos across the city of San Francisco. We provide buyers with new construction buyer agency at new homes throughout the city of San Francisco.

    If you have suggestions for additions, deletions, or other changes to our map of new construction in San Francisco, please let us know. You can leave a comment here on the blog, or give us a call or drop us an email. We are also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to name just a few of the social media spots you are likely to find us.