600 South Van Ness

Rental Apartments

Quick Facts about 600 South Van Ness:

  • Approved by SF Planning Commission 2015
  • 27- rental apartments
  • Plans for 17 off-street car parking spaces (entrance off of 17th St.) 27 bicycle parking spaces
  • 12 two-bedrooms and 15 one-bedroom homes
  • Private decks on the 2nd story and roof level for nine homes and a rear yard open area that provides open space for 18 dwelling units. Collectively, the development has 4,190 square feet of open space.
  • Joseph Taboni
  • Michael Leavitt Architects

600 South Van Ness   9c – Inner Mission


600 SVN is an apartment building. this means the entire building is rental apartments and they are all rented by one company which has a rental office at the building and is NOT us.


Final list Unknown at this time.

Below Market Rate (Inclusionary Housing) Homes:

Four homes, on-site (14% of the total building, higher than required under pl

Listing Agent:

leasing office on site ( we are not the leasing office, have nothing to do with them and do not deal with rental properties).



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