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    The developer has their own representation, why shouldn’t you?

    As your new construction buyer’s agent, we have a fiduciary duty exclusively to you.

    It is important to know that if independent representation is important to you, then we must accompany you on your first visit to the sales office. We are happy to schedule a private appointment for you at your most convenient time. Just get in touch with the learn more form or give us a call at (415) 800-2058. 

    We will help you with

    Understanding Value

    We help you understand the new building in relationship to the neighborhood and other homes in resale properties. By not focusing on only one building, we help our clients put the value of new construction in the context of the overall San Francisco real estate market.

    Incentives and pricing

    We are plugged in to current market dynamics and stay on top of pricing and incentive offers. The on-site agent’s job is to get the best price for their client, the developer. As independent buyers agents we know the market and represent only your interests.


    While new developments typically have pre-approved lenders and require pre-approval with them, we can offer you access to a much wider range of mortgage brokers who may have more options that suit your particular financial situation better than the in-house lenders.

    The purchase contract

    New construction real estate contracts are approved in advance by the California Department of Real Estate, but the contract is written by the developer’s team to protect the developer. While we can’t provide legal advice (we aren’t practicing attorneys, even if some of us are attorneys), we make sure you understand what you are signing and how the contract operates. If there are sections of the contract that you don’t understand or have concerns about, we can recommend excellent real estate attorneys that we have a good track record of doing right by our clients.


    The home is new, should you have an inspection? Most new construction contracts have no inspection contingency. As your new construction buyer’s agent we help you understand not just the home you are purchasing, but also the building and neighborhood. Our job is to make sure that any tough questions you have about the building, neighborhood, or home are answered to your satisfaction!

    Escrow and Closing

    New construction sales have as much paperwork and as many people involved as any other real estate transaction. Our job as your new construction buyer’s agent is to make sure none of the details are overlooked, that everyone is on the same page, and that your escrow is as stress and worry free as possible.

    It’s free!

    Developers know that Realtors have access to the most qualified pool of buyers who understand the market and are ready to purchase. You pay no additional cost to engage us as your new construction buyer’s agent, nor will you get a better price by choosing to give up representation and proceed with dual agency.

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