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99 Rausch

99 Rausch

A mid-rise building located at the intersection of Rausch and Folsom between 7th and 8th streets in the South of Market neighborhood. 99 Rausch will be home to 112 new homes with 88 below-ground parking spaces and 104 bicycle spaces.

Quick Facts About 99 Rausch

  • Under construction
  • 112
  • 88 below-ground spaces
  • one, two and three-bedroom
  • Belrich Partners Rausch LLC
  • Cahill
  • BAR Architects

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99 Rausch

SFAR MLS subdistrict: South of Market Area (9-f)

Overview of 99 Rausch

99 Rausch is on the north side of Folsom St at Rausch between 7th and 8th streets in the South of Market neighborhood. An existing lighting store has been demolished and combined with the surface parking lot to create a six-story mixed-use building. When complete, 99 Rausch will offer 112 homes over ground-floor commercial space and as many as 88 below-ground car parking spaces accessed from Rausch as well as 104 bicycle parking spaces.

99 Rausch is located in:

The current neighborhood consists of retail, residential, commercial, and office uses with surrounding buildings varying in appearance and height. Low rise buildings with masonry construction are interspersed with taller mid-rise buildings as well as industrial low-rise warehouse/industrial style buildings

99 Rausch is located near Market Street and the Interstate 80 elevated freeway. A relatively narrow street, Rausch offers curbside parking and mature trees. Modern three‐ and four‐ story multi‐ unit residential buildings line the southern portion of Rausch Street while the northern portion of Rausch Street contains older, multifamily residential structures in architectural styles typical of San Francisco.

99 Rausch Construction Schedule

Currently under construction, we estimate 2017 completion.

Pricing for homes

Unannounced at this time. Pricing is typically the very last item that a developer decides upon, so we don’t expect to have this information until the sales office opens.


There will be below-ground parking for up to 88 cars and 104 bicycles.

Amenities and Finishes

Unannounced at this time.

Below Market Rate (Inclusionary Housing) Homes

Unannounced at this time.

Listing Agent

Unknown at this time. If it is you, let us know so we can give you credit. It isn’t us because we provide buyers with independent and modern representation in new construction.

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