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South of Market (SOMA)

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    What to Expect in SOMA Condos

    The South of Market Area (SOMA) was once a gritty and industrial neighborhood. Like it’s neighbors to the east, though, the SOMA neighborhood has been transformed over the past 30 years into a dynamic and bustling neighborhood. A bit more eclectic and bohemian than either South Beach or Yerba Buena, you’re just as likely to find a tech startup adjacent to a neighborhood non-profit as you are a historic warehouse building adjacent to a modern luxury building.

    There are very few free standing single-family homes in SOMA, with the overwhelming majority of homes being South of Market condos or live/work or conversion lofts, with a smattering of tenancy-in-common buildings as well. Depending on where you are in the neighborhood (it spans a fairly large area for a San Francisco neighborhood), the options for public transit and freeway access are both pretty good. Several of the neighborhood streets serve as feeder streets to both 101 and 80 on-ramps and can be fairly frustrating to navigate during rush hour because of the heavy traffic volumes.

    The South of Market Area is filled with a fascinating collection of historic buildings, and in recent years has developed more of the infrastructure that people expect in a residential neighborhood, including grocery stores and updated parks that provide plenty of opportunities for outdoor play and relaxation.

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