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1598 Bay

Homes for sale at 1598 Bay in The Marina neighborhood of San Francisco

1598 Bay Street

"Chic, eclectic and modern" are some of the descriptors the developer has used to describe this luxury residence and commercial space.

Quick Facts about 1598 Bay Street

  • Construction commenced in 2017
  • 28
  • As proposed by the developer: lots of it! The building will have 28 residences and the developer is seeking approval to build 42 parking spots. Code will require at least 28 bicycle spots.
  • One, Two and Three bedroom homes
  • Unnanounced at this time
  • Unnanounced at this time
  • Bay Street Partners, LLC
  • Seidel Architects

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MLS listed Homes for Sale at 1598 Bay

1598 Bay @ Buchanan (final address subject to change)

Marina SFAR MLS subdistrict 7A

The building is not complete and is not being marketed as of January 2018 to our knowledge. We have access to a variety of non-public professional listing networks and may know of upcoming or off-mls opportunities. Please share your information with the learn more request button to be notified of homes that become available or through off-MLS opportunities.

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MLS-listed Homes for Sale in The Marina

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5 Beds
6 Baths
3,618 SqFt
Single-family Homes
1 Beds
1 Baths
775 SqFt
4 Beds
3 Baths
3,488 SqFt
Tenancy In Common
2 Beds
1 Baths
946 SqFt
Tenancy In Common
6 Beds
6 Baths
0 SqFt
Single-family Homes

More About 1598 Bay

Will These Homes Be Rented or Sold?

We believe they will be sold as condos.

Overview of 1598 Bay Street

Located at the corner of Bay and Buchanan in the Marina neighborhood of San Francisco, the site was once a gas station that has been closed for several years.

From SF Planning:

The proposal is to demolish the existing gas station structure and construct a new residential structure that would consist of 28-dwelling units and 42 off-street parking spaces (below grade).

The new structure would be 40-feet tall and would feature brick cladding. Located at the northeast corner of Buchanan and Bay Streets, the new structure would include a lobby entry, a private unit entry along Bay Street and two private unit entries and the parking ingress and egress along Buchanan.

1598 Bay Construction Schedule

Under construction, completion and move-ins estimated for 2018.


Unannounced at this time. Pricing is typically the very last item that a developer decides upon, so we don’t expect to have this information until the sales office opens.


Unannounced at this time

Below Market Rate (Inclusionary Housing) Homes

No announcement has been made. The developer can build them on-site, off-site, or pay an in-lieu fee.

Listing Agent

The Mark Company will be listing and selling this project for the developer. We do not represent the Mark company or the developer. Instead, we provide independent buyer representation in new and resale transactions.

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