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Someday, maybe in the San Francisco of tomorrow, there will be housing at 240 Pacific/720 Battery.

Currently, the location is home to two surface parking lots that will form an L-shaped lot surrounding older brick buildings, one of which has been around since 1851 (which makes it ancient in San Francisco real estate terms).

Here’s a video we shot the other day giving you an idea of what the area currently looks like and what it might look like someday with the building of 240 Pacific condos aka 720 Battery condos:

The residential building that is closest to this location is 733 Front St. 733 Front was once an office building that was converted to residential condominium homes several years ago. It is the beige building in the background of many of the photos that has ribbons of glass running around the top 3 floors.

Project Description from SF Planning Department:

The project site consists of two adjacent lots creating a flag lot property with frontages on Pacific Avenue and Battery Street.The combined parcels are approximately 10,387.5 square feet in area with 85 feet of frontage on Pacific Street and 40 feet frontage on Battery Street.

A surface parking lot occupies both lots with no permanent structures on the properties. The subject properties are located at the northern edge of the Financial District, bordering the North Beach neighborhood, within a C-2 (Community Business) Zoning District, the Washington-Broadway Special Use District (Subarea 2) and an 84-E Height and Bulk District.

The proposal is to remove the surface parking lots and construct a:

  • 7-story
  • 84-foot tall residential condominium building
  • 33 dwelling units
  • 1,847 square feet of commercial space
  • 49 parking┬áspaces in an at grade and below grade garage that utilizes car stackers

Preliminary Project Assessment 2 Case No. 2013.1757U

The new building would have an L-shaped footprint with frontages along both Pacific Avenue and Battery Street.

As part of the proposal, the property to the south of 240 Pacific Avenue may be acquired and be incorporated in the subject site, enlarging the frontage along Pacific Avenue. The address of this property is 290 Pacific Avenue (Block 0166 Lot 004) and is located within the same Zoning (C-2) District and 84-E Height and Bulk District.

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