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This week in San Francisco Real Estate, January 15, 2018

this week in san francisco real estate

This Week in San Francisco Real Estate we talk about the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and how it will affect homeowners and real estate professionals in San Francisco. We reference the following studies:  

This week in San Francisco Real Estate, December 04, 2017

this week in san francisco real estate

It sold for what?! A home in Juanita Way sells for 166% of asking price, earning everyone involved in the transaction some decent bragging rights. Ryan has an off-market success story of his own and while he got zero bragging rights out of it, he got something even better – a very happy client.

Most Authentic Greek Restaurants in San Francisco, CA

Greek restaurants San Francisco

Finding authentic Greek restaurants isn’t always easy. When you’re craving slow-cooked lamb or one of the many other dishes falling into the Greek category, you need to know where to go. Many family-owned restaurants in San Francisco serve authentic Greek cuisine. Here’s a quick look at some of the best options. Orexi Restaurant – Sunset […]

Top Record Stores in San Francisco and the Bay Area

5 great record stores in San Francisco, CA

Vinyl! A modern day Rorschach test!  Records will probably never go out of style. Purists believe music just sounds better on a record, while others collect them for their DJ gigs or just because. No matter your reasons for seeking out vinyl, there are several great spots in the Bay Area to find just what […]