Top 10 Local Coffee Shops in San Francisco

There’s nothing better than the perfect cup of coffee when you need a little boost. If you love coffee and you’re new to San Francisco, it’s time to find your new favorite spot for great coffee. Here is a list with the top 10 local coffee shops to choose from across San Francisco. Philz – Downtown A great place to enjoy a cup of coffee, Philz is a bit of a gem. There’s usually no line to stand in and it’s not always as busy as other choices… Blue Bottle – Embarcadero Found at the Ferry building, the Blue Bottle stand provides a great place for coffee. They also have

Most Amazing Spots in San Francisco to Get Engaged

Are you thinking about popping the question soon? The summer in San Francisco is a beautiful time of the year and a great time to get engaged. If you want to make it special, make sure you choose the right spot. Here are some of the most amazing spots in San Francisco to get engaged, down on one knee. The Golden Gate Bridge This one may be obvious, but it’s still a beautiful spot with a breathtaking view. Many believe the bridge is a magical spot for anything special. You could head to Battery Spencer for an amazing view facing back to the city and propose on the viewing platform.
TWISFRE the pride edition

Eureka Valley or Castro, Welcome to the Pride Edition of TWISFRE

What is the story behind Eureka Valley or Castro? Who invented the gay pride flag? Why? What was the biggest single family overbid of the week in the city of San Francisco? Is it a seller’s market or a seller’s market? And how many homes are for sale under $1,000,000? Answers to all that and more with Matt Fuller, Ryan Fay, and Omar Maissen. TWISFRE: The Pride Edition Eureka Valley or Castro?  How did the neighborhood name come to be? Is it a vast global conspiracy? Does it have anything to do with why Noe Valley is called Noe Valley?  That’s a rather expensive fixer In the central Richmond neighborhood, a single
JacksonFuller real estate team in San Francisco, CA

Why You Should Use a Professional for Real Estate Sales

The internet provides so much information and it’s easy to learn how to do something on YouTube or just with a simple Google search. However, there are some things you still need a professional for and real estate transactions are one of those things. Buying or selling a home or condo means you need a real estate professional on your side. Trying to take the DIY approach to real estate isn’t a good idea. Here are several reasons why you need a professional whenever you’re trying to buy or sell a home. Negotiating isn’t Easy Even if you think you’re an expert negotiator, chances are, the real estate agent you
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15 Current High Rises Under Construction Right Now in San Francisco

San Francisco provides a number of highrises under construction across our incredible skyline. However, the skyline never seems to be done as many new highrise buildings are under construction right now. If you’re looking for a new construction condo in San Francisco, you’re in luck. Here’s a look at 15 current highrises under construction in the city. Oceanwide Center This will be the second-tallest building in San Francisco once completed. It will include a glassy crown and will stand more than 900 feet tall. While it hasn’t been under construction for very long, it will become one of the highlights of the skyline. The Oceanwide Center is a Chinese/American development

Best Places for Brunch in San Francisco

When the weekend arrives, you get to sleep in, stay up later and enjoy brunch. As a Realtor, I’ll be up and working, though! Some even say brunch is the best part of the weekend. Whether you were out late the night before or just want to sleep in, brunch is a great way to start your Saturday or Sunday. Plenty of restaurants throughout San Francisco provide excellent brunch on the weekend. It doesn’t matter which section of town you live in, you can find a good spot on the weekend. Here are a few of the best places for brunch in San Francisco. Nopa If you’ve never been to
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