We hope you’ll take a moment and download our one-page new construction buying tips with 10 things we recommend buyers think about before visiting a new construction development. We’ve represented buyers in numerous new construction developments across San Francisco, and working with us as your buyer’s agent gives you all the benefits of Independent Buyer Representation at no additional cost! Buyers often have a hard time believing this – so we’ll repeat it: Having your own representation costs you nothing, and giving it up won’t save you any money.

and-did-you-know 10 Things to Know Before You Go

We look forward to hearing from you when you’re ready to partner with a trusted advisor for real estate in San Francisco.

If Independent Buyer Representation is important to you when buying a new construction home in San Francisco, we must accompany you on your first visit to the sales office. We are happy to schedule an appointment that is convenient for your schedule upon request.

Until then, we are happy to share with you a copy of our 10 tips for buying new construction in San Francisco. We promise not to share or sell your personal information except as explained in our privacy policy, and if you don’t want to work with us you are under absolutely no obligation to do so. Regardless, we hope you find these new construction buying tips to be useful and informative.